Characteristics of a vagina

Just like their owners, natural vaginas all look, and dare I say smell and taste, a little different to each other. One thing they do all have in common is that they feel great. It is mainly the characteristics of how they feel that we are trying to reproduce in our builds.

For the less experienced builder I should say that the precise characteristics of the natural vagina alter according to its state of sexual arousal. We will assume that builders wish to duplicate the characteristics of the fully aroused vagina.

Characteristics of a vagina to consider when building your sex toy

Softness – a natural vagina is very soft. For the less experienced site users, rubbing the inside of your cheek with your tongue or finger should give you a pretty good idea. It needs to be this soft because it is designed to be penetrated by the man’s erect penis (and you know how sensitive that is!). So, obviously, your artificial vagina also needs to be very soft if you intend putting anything sensitive inside.

Texture – a natural vagina has a number of small ridges, called rugae, that stimulate the man’s aroused penis as it rubs against them. A totally smooth surface does not stimulate as well as one with some texture. Many commercial artificial vagina include ridges, lumps and bumps in order to achieve this. It is possible to overdo it!

Width flexibility and shape – the natural vagina has strong muscles surrounding it. Once fully aroused, these give the natural vagina the ability to occupy a wide range of size and shape (not all men are created equal). The muscles are also highly elastic, which means that the natural vagina will stretch, within reason, while still maintaining pressure on the penis. As the more experienced builder will know, it can sometimes take a bit of time and attention (dare I say effort) to get the natural vagina into this state but is well worth it. This is one of the hardest characteristics to get right in your artificial vagina and is the reason why most artificial vagina disappointments occur. The good news is that your artificial vagina only needs to fit you.

Friction – this is very important, and difficult to get right. Even a natural vagina can offer different amounts of friction at different times. The right amount of friction is required at the right time for the experience to be satisfactory. One advantage of the artificial vagina over the natural vagina is that the user is better able to control this characteristic. Factors affecting friction levels are the type of contact surface, pressure, lubrication, and suction.  Your own preferences for friction levels is what counts in the build.

Temperature – 37 degrees Celsius is human body temperature. Being more than a few degrees away from this optimum temperature will start to decrease satisfaction. Extreme temperatures can make the experience truly dangerous. Double check temperature before handling if your artificial vagina has been heated in the oven or microwave.

Durability – a healthy, fully aroused natural vagina can take some enthusiastic use. The last thing you want is for your artificial vagina to start disintegrating once things start getting interesting.

Ease of handing/positioning – With the willingness of its owner, a natural vagina can be positioned in almost any way. If you are using your artificial vagina alone then you don’t have this advantage. Many AVs require the use of one or both hands but it is a real advantage to be able to have your hands free if you want to be able to do other things at the same time (such as type this).

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  1. get a boneless pork loin cut a slit in it carve out some lips and a feels just like or maybe better than the real deal.both are flesh

    • Pork loin and if you can find a big enough chicken breast that feels even better than the pork. Warm it a bit in warm water and slip in.

    • Yep I use a 1 inchspiral metal drill bit. Push it into the long side of the loin roast and it cuts a very super tight spiral cut into it. Then use a razor knife to cut a wider slit in the entrance. Make sure it’s warm but still raw. The drill spiral cut really feels amazing. Like going up inside a young virgin.

  2. Three-D printed female genitalia are becoming more common. In general, the vagina refers to the barrel leading to the cervix, but it would be interesting to make an actual replica of the female anatomy, with clitoris and everything, maybe an inflable lower-half. I’m not sure if things like that exist.

  3. Truly an excellent article on artificial vaginas! Glad to see it explained in detail with pictures and clear descriptions. Now all they need is the erotic smell of a vagina to make it all complete. Well done!



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