Ready to make an artificial vagina / homemade pocket pussy?

Mr Fefe is the ultimate resource for anyone looking for information on how to make an artificial vagina / pocket pussy (Strictly speaking it also covers other orifices that may be of interest to you). Here I review lots of different ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) fake vagina and explain why many of them don’t work as well as you may like. I show you what you can do to dramatically improve your experience and give you detailed build instructions for homemade artificial vagina (AVs) that actually work, including step by step photos. It is all in the build!

Get building immediately – make a vagina

If you have already experimented with some of the homemade artificial vagina described on the internet, or mentioned by friends, or in the movies, you may have been badly disappointed. You just know that the peopling telling you or showing you probably haven’t used them for real; or if they have, they do not give you the detail you really need to make it work. ‘Cut a hole in a watermelon and go at it’ may put you on the right track but isn’t really very helpful. The truth is that building a good and satisfying artificial vagina is not easy. Get one small thing wrong and your experience can be ruined. Like most things in life, getting it right takes skill and practice, but when you do finally get it right it is VERY satisfying. This website is the resource to help you do just that.

The basics – what on earth is a pocket pussy, fefe, fake vagina or commercial cyberskin? 

Your reasons for wanting to build an artificial vagina are your own. However, I would guess that if you have found your way here then you have a set of personal qualities that should be celebrated. These include open-mindedness, inquisitiveness, and pragmatism. This site will help you identify, and build, the right artificial vagina for you. As with all DIY projects it will stimulate your imagination, inventiveness and determination. Above all it should prove fun. Whatever your age, marital status, cultural background or sexual orientation you will not be judged so sit back and relax in the knowledge that you are amongst like-minded friends with an interest in the technical side of building an artificial vagina.

Which build shall I try first? Mr Fefe reviews different homemade vagina 


Mr. Fefe

Does this sound like what you were expecting or hoping to find out about? Let me know below (you don’t need to leave your details unless you want to).

Fleshlight photos 1

10 thoughts on “Ready to make an artificial vagina / homemade pocket pussy?

  1. Nice site ! keep on the good work !
    I tried the love glove, wow !
    I love latex , so new suggestions welcom !

  2. There is a special offer at Adam and Eve at the moment – 50% off 1 item if you use my code!!!! Sounds good to me. Just click the link in the right column.

  3. At last, someone who takes this shit seriously. :-) Love the dry sense of humor. I’ve tried the Pringles container – er, I mean Mrs Pringles lol. Nice! Have you tried using cooked starch? Seen that on You tube – wondered if it is any good?

    • Hi Anyholesthegoal, thanks for taking the time to post a comment – I was beginning to think all my visitors were embarrassed or something. Yeah, I’ve seen that corn starch mold build, I intend to give it a go, I will post a review soon along with full build instructions if it is any good – there are loads I want to try – its just having the time. Feel free to post a review in masturbation central if you try yourself.

  4. If you are a member of the armed forces stuck out in Afghanistan, or somewhere else hot and with limited access to women, then this website may be for you.

    Come to think of it, maybe the Taliban should also spend some time on this site – it may take their minds off of virgins in heaven, taking pot shots at tired Marines on patrol, and blowing themselves up to get access to the aforementioned virgins.

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