Structure and materials

What makes a good DIY male sex toy or masturbator? A good home made artificial vagina should have 3 key elements in its structure. These are contact surface, flesh and body. Together these combine to produce the characteristics of a vagina that you are trying to reproduce.

Contact surface – obviously, this is the material with which you make direct contact and is usually largely responsible for softness, texture, and friction.

Flesh – this provides the ‘substance’ of the artificial vagina and is usually responsible for duplicating characteristics such as width flexibility and shape, although it will also influence all the other characteristics you are seeking.

Body – this provides the strength and is mostly responsible for the durability and ease of handling/positioning of your artificial vagina.

This does not mean that you have to achieve each one separately using different materials, just that all three elements need to exist. An example of just one object/material being used to achieve all three is the Love Glove, although this is very unusual.

Examples of useful materials for each element of your artificial vagina 

Contact surface materials:

Cyberskin – Commercial artificial vagina use ultra realistic blends of PVC and silicone. They really are the best a man can get, having a natural feel and being highly sensual and plush. They are reusable but special care is required before and after use. Although initially expensive the cost per pop ends up quite low as they are reusable and last a while.


Condom – the condom was designed to not be noticed during sex. Another way of saying this is that if feels like the inside of a vagina. It is the next best thing after Cyberskin. If you incorporate it into your build you have the advantage of not having to actually wear it (although that can sometimes be a good method) so you have a bit more ‘freedom’. It is an excellent material although, if only used once, can be a little expensive (approximately 80p each unless bought in bulk).  Ribbed condoms do an excellent job of reproducing the feeling of the ridges inside the vagina. The extra-large condoms are particularly versatile.

Latex glove – almost as good as a condom but MUCH cheaper. Very stretchy and that middle finger is particularly useful. The width of the latex glove, over the condom, can be very useful in some DIY artificial vagina designs. Some people are hypersensitive to latex so check before you use it!


Plastic bag – cheap, readily available but not very stretchy and, depending on the quality, can be a bit crinkly on your cock. OK in an emergency. The better quality Ziploc bags are the ones to go for.

Balloon – Can be a bit tricky to work with but the softness and texture is right!

Fruits – courgettes, melons, cucumbers etc. If you have ever looked at them and thought, ‘hmm wet and a little slimy, could be ideal’, then think again. They may be ok for the first couple of strokes but those plant juices have  a strangely drying effect. Basically, it is mostly water with a bit of sugar, and water on its own does not make a very good lubricant. Yes, you can add lube but then things will start to get very messy. If that’s how you like it, and you don’t mind dodging seeds then please, fire away. Fruits are better used as a body.


Flesh materials:

Rubber (elastic hydrocarbon polymer) and soft plastics (poly vinyl chloride) –

commercial manufacturers use these materials to add ‘flesh’. They are extremely flexible and resilient materials with high levels of durability. It would be very difficult and costly for the DIY builder to get these materials (you may as well invest in a commercial one unless you are super adventurous and determined).



Sponge – sponges are excellent incorporated into your AVs as the flesh. They always try to return to their original shape, which means that they are great for maintaining pressure on your cock. The trick is to ‘pack’ them into a body so that they have the right density and exert the right pressure. They are very light, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your design. They are very versatile.

Jelly – Mixed to the right concentration and housed within the right mould, jelly can give a wonderful combination of density and compression. Get it wrong and it is very messy. As a food it has a short life and can therefore be expensive to use regularly.



Cooked oats and maze flour – a bit like jelly, these work on the basis of density and fluidity. They are able to form to your shape. Being mostly water they are just like the human body. Again, food perishes and can be very messy to get wrong. Relatively cheap to work with but takes prior planning.

Uncooked rice and powders – although not liquids they do have many of the properties of a fluid. They have high density, which offers the necessary pressure, and they also provide some interesting textures.

Fabrics and paper – paper tissues, kitchen towels, bath towels, pleated cotton, socks, and other clothing. They can all be used to greater or lesser effect. The problem is that they generally lack elasticity after compression so the ‘packing’ in the body is crucial to their success but is hard to get right. They will get the job done but may not give you the experience that you had hoped for (never mind what they say on YouTube).

Air – it works for blow up dolls and airbeds so why not your artificial vagina? You will end up with something that can feel a bit light and flimsy depending on what other materials you are using.

Pipe foam insulation – the word foam may make you think this is a winner. It isn’t. Insulation foam is quite high density, which means that it does not compress as much as you may expect. However, it does offer some compression so can be used as a partial flesh, perhaps in combination with the body.

Body materials:

Building materials – you can fabricate pretty much whatever type of outer body you require using materials such as silicone sealant, plaster cast, hard board etc. However, the costs will quickly rise and it begs the question, ‘isn’t it just easier to buy one?’. Of course for the hardcore builder that isn’t the point.

Pringle’s tube – excellent size and shape. The tube is made from cardboard but has some laminates that help protect it from water. It is strong yet light and flexible. These properties make it an excellent body. Its size will accommodate a wide range of fillers. It is cheap and easy to get hold of. You can see why it is so popular on YouTube for DIY pocket pussy projects.

Tennis ball tube – very  similar to the Pringle’s tube although often made from aluminium.

Plastic water bottle – find one with a wide enough neck and you have a very versatile outer body for a pocket pussy.

Plastic vacuum flask – the cheap ones can be easily dismantled. Once the inner container is removed you have a large, versatile body for your artificial vagina.

Pillow/cushion stack – technically this is a body. Excellent for hands free use of your basic pocket pussy style AV or contact surface (such as a sock or ziplock bag). Simply insert the AV between the bottom pillow/cushion and the one above. When you lay on the stack the weight of your body creates the necessary pressure. Similarly you can slip between the base of the bed and the mattress or between the sofa and sofa cushion. More on these in the reviews.

Polystyrene – A large block of polystyrene can be shaped according to your needs.


In addition to the primary build materials the following items are useful to have available:

To hold things in position and add strength – duct tape, clamps, rubber bands, belt.

To add texture – bubble wrap.

To create the right amount of friction – LUBE (hand cream, body moisturizer, petroleum jelly etc).

See construction tips here

Do you agree with my assessment? Can you think of any more important construction materials? Let me know below (you don’t need to leave your details unless you want to).

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  2. Awesome photos Barbie and very interesting too. I have lots of Mantises in my garden – and I’ve seen these sacs before but never knew what they were. (Haven’t seen any recently though). Great post!!!

  3. Beth,This is Beth Marshall (Brad’s friend from SPLHS) I was on his blog and clicked to check out yours and saw your children and just wanted to say that they beautiful and adorable.Hope all is well in your world.

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  8. Filler materials I’ve used sodium polyacrylate, found in disposable diapers, as well as polyacrylamide, water absorbing crystals one can buy at most garden centers. Both of these should have a barrier like plastic bag or silicon sleeve between you and the crystals. These crystals absorb 30 times their weight in water and have a jelly-like consistency. Lasts about 2 years.
    Natural lubricants I have tried and like- aloe vera plant and boiled okra broth (strained of course) even used egg whites, and butter in a pinch.

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  11. Ive searched the web on how to make my own pocket pussy and combined ideas to make mine.
    Materials needed
    1 axe shampoo bottle.
    4 rectangular sponges without scratch pads
    1 quart size plastic bag
    1 sandwich size plastic bag.
    Multiple rubberbands.

    1) cut off bottom of bottle. Leave top on. This will change suction effect.

    2) Wet all four sponges thoroughly with desired water temp.

    3) Squeeze out all water from sponges.

    4) Put quart size plastic bag between two sponges.

    5) Push these all the way to the bottom of bottle.

    6) pull the top of the quart size plastic bag out of the bottle without removing it from between the sponges.

    7) Put the two remaining sponges together and put them inside the quart size bag and push them inside the bottle till they meet with the other two sponges. This results in about half of these two sponges willbe inside the quart size bag and inside the bottle while the otherhalf is sticking outof the botle.

    8) Push the sandwich size plastic bag between these two sponges. This will result in half the sandwich size plastic bag inside the bottle in between the outer two sponges and half of the sandwich size plastic bag out of the bottle.

    9) Now take. Everything that is sticking out of the bottle, (part of quart size plastic bag, half of outer two sponges, half of sandwich size plastic bag) and fold these over the outside bottle. And hold down with rubber bands or hair ties. Make sure they are really tight and secure.

    10) Put some lube or oil inside sandwich pag.

    11) Slowly push you cock inside bottle and push till you meet resistance ( bottom of sandwich bag). Repeat till you want to make full penetration.

    12) when you want full penetration push till you meet resistance and keep pushing til cocks breaks through sandwich bag. This simulates breaking of hymen. The sandwich bag will stay on you cock because its streched around you cock after you broke it wuth your cock. This gives you the added effect of a weak cock ring till the end of the process.

    12) To change suction just open or close the top of the bottle. For strong suction, leave open while you push in till you bottom out then rhwn close as you pull out.

    13) when youve reached the inevitable push all the way and deposit into the quart size bag.

    I really liked using the axe bottle because while holding the bottle with my hands while i masterbated i could feel myself penetrating the bottle as the bottle got full with my cock and i could feel the bottle get empty as i withdrew. I also really liked the ability to change suction depending on my mood. Very enjoyable.

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