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The Feel

Temperature – People often forget about this one when they make a vagina. As you have seen on the characteristics of a vagina page, human body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. Room temperature is usually about 18 – 21 degrees C. A tepid artificial vagina is no fun so clearly you need to heat yours up to the necessary temperature. If your artificial vagina contains a lot of insulating material then you may find that your own body heat warms things up quickly (if you are prepared to wait). Otherwise, you could:

  • Leave your artificial vagina in the sun to warm up
  • If it is waterproof – run hot water through it
  • If there is not any metal – judicious use of the microwave
  • If it can not dry out or melt- pop it into the oven on a low setting

If part of your sex toy needs to be cooked then you can let it cool to the desired temperature.

Safety tip – Always check the temperature before using!

Fit – You may have built your artificial vagina perfectly but if it doesn’t fit you then it will be useless. It is easy to under or over-estimate the necessary dimensions. It is worth while measuring up before you begin.

The most important thing to remember is that different materials have different compression, expansion and elasticity properties. You need to calculate how much ‘give’ is required. You are trying to maintain constant pressure on your cock at the right level. Ways to control this are:

  • packing density of your flesh in the body
  • width of aperture created
  • use of expansion gaps
  • governors that will not allow expansion beyond a certain point – such as hose clips and elasticated materials such a rubber bands and bicycle tyre inner tubes.

Suction – again, easy to forget but can easily ruin your experience. A bit of suction is desirable, it adds to the friction and overall sensation. However, if your AV does not have any vents to allow air in and out during use then you will have an uncomfortable experience. You are looking to create just a slight vacuum as the artificial vagina is being used. For example, in the Pringles can you usually make a small hole at the bottom. The size of this hole dictates the level of suction.

Special note: It is worth reminding you of the principles of hydraulics. If you don’t give somewhere for a fluid to go then you are basically creating a hydraulic brake – ouch!

Texture – usually a small amount of soft texture will enhance your experience. Bubble wrap is great for adding this but not as the contact surface. Anything from rubber bands to carefully carved ridges can be incorporated – you are only limited by your imagination.

Hands Free or Hands ON

Small, mobile AVs that you use with your hands are generally called pocket pussys. They are convenient to store and to travel with. They also allow you to use them sitting down – possibly in front of your computer – or laying down. This offers a very focused, energy efficient experience.

It is possible to incorporate the pocket pussy into a larger body or to build your artificial vagina using that body to begin with. Examples of this include the classic pillow stack or an industrial size bag of rice (if you want a realistic amount of heft). Here you are able to simulate laying on or standing over a woman’s body. Here you use a more realistic motion to engage with your artificial vagina. It is more energy intensive and arguably more realistic as it is hands free.

It is possible to create hybrids of these two methods by clamping your artificial vagina in place through various creative means.


Apparently large numbers of people are taken to hospital every year with sex related injuries. Everything from cuts and burns, to cocks getting stuck in vacuum cleaner attachments. Personally, I would not enjoy having to explain that one away to the medical staff. So be sensible and engage your brain before anything else (on your own head be it). Here are the most obvious ones to watch out for.

Temperature – extremes of both hot and cold are not good.

Glass – can shatter cut and slice sensitive bits so don’t use it.

Rigid bodies – you can get stuck. Make sure you have a way to release yourself if things go wrong.

Chemicals – building materials can contain all sorts of chemicals. They may have great properties for your build but make sure that your nob is not going to come out with more than friction burns. Be conscious that some chemicals can be harmless on their own but interact dangerously with others.

Friction – be sensible about your contact surface (no sandpaper!) and use lube.

Read the homemade vagina reviews to see how well (or how badly) it can all come together.

Do you have any more construction tips? Let me know below (you don’t need to leave your details unless you want to).

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  1. Thanks "Voice in the Wilderness", I will check out your writings on this and hopefully we can discuss them. This series of deceptions using movies to expose them and watch us not get it, is very intriguing and shows a somewhat cynical side to this entire agenda.Its almost as if "showing" the deception and our stupidity in not seeing it, is as important to the perverts as obtaining the wealth and power.

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  3. This is another excellent and helpful despirctive post. It just so happens, I needed a frightening facial description for my NaNo writing tonight and this was most helpfu. l am typing this on my Kindle so please excuse the errors. I'm not used to typing on it.

  4. From experience so far, do the following to make the best homemade sex toy. I am seriously convinced that nothing can beat this feeling.

    1. Boiling buckwheat and rice until they become moist and squidgy.
    2. Threading a latex glove or condom (use only one- improves texture and temperature) through a small hole in the container you are using. Make a knot on the material that had come out the bottom of the container.
    3. Pour the buckwheat/rice mixture straight into the container (around the glove/condom) after the hob is turned off.
    4. Fill up the container and place three sponges at the top of the contained. Compress the sponges to allow the glove to go over them.
    5. Use cello-tape or elastic/rubber bands to keep the glove fixed around the top.
    6. Wait about 15 minutes for the sex toy to drop down to a safe temperature.
    7. Put your dick in at the maximum temperature safe to use.
    8. Don’t spend too long on it- the heat gets transferred quickly to your penis making the toy itself lose temperature. Cum within about 10-20 mins of using to have the most amazing orgasm.

  5. Can you please advise me with a good and effective lube (easily available at home of course) to be used when the contact surface is a latex glove….will hair oil or face moisturiser do??
    Pla reply asap….

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