Homemade Vagina Reviews

Here are the homemade artificial vagina reviews in order of experience score. The experience score is based on the overall experience of using the artificial vagina . The authenticity score is also shown and is based on the total of the separate characteristics that have been assessed. The experience score is prefered because sometimes the whole is better than the sum of the parts. Of course, the experience score is just the reviewer’s opinion. Why don’t you try for yourself and let us know what you think.

For reference, the experience scores of commercial AVs are very variable but the best quality ones made from Cyberskin etc can be even better than a natural vagina because the designers have built-in super stimulating characteristics. The Fleshlight, which I review below, gets  remarkable 99%.

NAME                                                COST PER POP   AUTHENTICITY   EXPERIENCE

FLESHLIGHT                                    Pennies (cents)                 91%                    99%

PARTY TIME                                                 60p                          76%                    76%

TUNNEL OF LOVE                                  60p – £2.00                   73%                    73%

MRS PRINGLES                                           25p                          71%                     70%

PRISON FEFE                                              12p                          61%                     63%

LOVE GLOVE                                                12p                         59%                      60%

PIPE INSULATION                                         20p                        54%                       55%

HOMEMADE SILICONE STROKER          £10.00                       68%                      53%

THE CUCUMBER                                  £1.00 – £1.80                 44%                      50%

MARROW/COURGETTE                            £1.40                       47%                      47%

BANANA                                                          30p                       43%                       45%

MELON                                                         £1.00                       50%                       35%

BREAD                                                        £1.20                        24%                         4%

Do you have a design that you think should be reviewed? Let me know below (you don’t need to leave your details unless you want to) or else post the full build instructions on the forum.

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