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I’ve seen some people suggest that you can scoop out the flesh and use the skin as a love tunnel. You think that you could fit? er, go for it mate. The banana skin is best used as a stroker. Put the peel in the microwave for 15 – 20 secs. The skin starts to turn black because it is basically being cooked. It holds its heat well SO BE CAREFUL. It does not dry like most fruit.

It is certainly a bit different and very easy to use (not as messy as you may expect). May be worth a try but mostly it has novelty value. Arguably there is no real cost to this one as you can eat the banana first.

How does it compare to a natural vagina?

Softness – 5/10

Texture – 5/10

Width flexibility and shape – 4/10

Friction – 5/10

Temperature – 6/10

Durability – 2/10

Ease of handing/positioning – 3/10

Authenticity score – 43%

Overall Experience score – 45%

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23 thoughts on “Review – Banana

  1. You will feel VERY dirty when doing it. Btw the banana sticks to your pubic hairs. It took me 30 minutes to clean myself up. It didn’t feel all that great neither. So if I were you don’t waste your time

  2. Use a plantain they come in larger sizes and are stronger peel the dark brown and yellow ones are the best nice and slick too~

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  5. What I did was took a banana, put duck tape around and around the shaft with the banana still inside. Cut it where you think your penis will fit. Get a butter knife lead out all the banana from the shaft. You know have a complete stroker. Put it in between the cushions of the couch which keeps it from moving and go to town. I did this last night and I came in 6 minutes. It felt so good. I have never let out so much cum. Tell me if you’d like to have a video and I’ll make one and send it

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