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Looks warm and inviting right? Nice and spongy? Forget it. Unless you are a hardcore builder wanting to push the frontiers bread just isn’t a good medium to work with. It is not strong enough to be a body, the structure does not offer any elasticity or density to be the flesh, and unless you want to be peeing crumbs, it does not work as a contact surface either. Messing around with it and trying to make it work just changes the basic properties that made it look interesting in the first place. This way lays madness. Just make yourself a sandwich and think over another AV project instead.

How does it compare to a natural vagina?

Softness – 2/10

Texture – 1/10

Width flexibility and shape – 1/10

Friction – 1/10

Temperature – 6/10

Durability – 0/10

Ease of handing/positioning – 6/10

Authenticity score – 24%

Overall Experience score – 4%

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5 thoughts on “Review – Bread

  1. Wow, hot loaves, brother! I would love to have a crazy romp in my kitchen with a fat hoagie! Have you used different types of breads? What about an update with hot butter in the mix so you can really feel the sensation WOW

  2. So sorry to see bread get a bad rep, old chap! I’ve been laying my loaves for the past several decades. No part of my life is more exciting than horny grocery store visits 😉

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