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The latex glove is the classic contact surface used in an AV, and a very effective one it is to. However, this build shows just how versatile a building material it is. Here the glove acts not only as the contact surface but also as the body, with a combination of air and the elasticity of the middle finger providing the flesh. It is a very inventive build. The two YouTube videos below show variations of this build presented by an ex-convict and college kids. My money is on the design originating in prison. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.

When I first saw this one on YouTube I thought that it was just a bit of a novelty act for college kids. I thought this right up to the point that I added the lube – suddenly it started to make real sense. You need to get your penetration right (just like the real thing). There is a pleasing feeling of increasing pressure the deeper you get and once you have got in there and have stretched things a bit the pressure is still nicely maintained (again – just like the real thing). There is good control but you can’t hold on to the ‘buttocks’ with two much enthusiasm or else you will distort them. I found that holding the centre ‘thong’ gives excellent handling. Maybe it was because my expectations were so low to begin with but I was very impressed with this AV. It was highly effective and very satisfying. I should also add that, although a bit fiddly, it is very fun to build. In terms of cost per pop it is great value for money (less than 12p/glove).

How does it compare to a natural vagina?

Softness – 8/10

Texture – 5/10

Width flexibility and shape – 7/10

Friction – 6/10

Temperature – 6/10

Durability – 3/10

Ease of handing/positioning – 6/10

Authenticity score – 59%

Overall Experience score – 60%

Full build instructions for the Love Glove here

13 thoughts on “Review – Love Glove

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  2. Fleshlight is better…
    Im sorry but the fleshlight is much better but if you dont wanna spend much money get this but i would spend a few extra bucks and get the fleshlight

    • Lube up the glove, put your dick inside, lay down on your boner and start fucking in a up and down motion. Make sure you lay on your boner– the only way it works magic

  3. Another one that is similar to this is to take 2 gloves, blow air into both and tie the ends off. Put them on top of each other and tie the fingers together and tie the ends together and lube up the middle and go to town. Feels just as good!

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