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This fruit has a good size with firm flesh that offers little ‘give’. As with the cucumber, boring a hole will make it hard to gain depth. A simple hole in a firm body will never give you a satisfactory experience. Add in the seeds and the ‘drying’ juices and you have all the making of a disaster. Things can be improved if you think of the fruit as a body and don’t try to use it for the flesh or the contact surface. You simply cut an end off at the wide point. Hollow out a hole. Cut a V along the length. The body is firm enough to holds its structure. The V allows the body to expand.Then simply insert a latex glove and attach  with duct tape. Lube and enjoy.

This is a relatively easy one to build and may be worth a try if you have nothing better to do. There are cheaper and less messy ways to get a much better result. If the novelty of using a fruit appeals to you then go for it. Yes, you can control the pressure to some degree by squeezing and compressing the expansion V but it really is a bit tricky and distracting. Not recommended.

How does it compare to a natural vagina?

Softness – 4/10

Texture – 4/10

Width flexibility and shape – 5/10

Friction – 6/10

Temperature – 5/10

Durability – 5/10

Ease of handing/positioning – 4/10

Authenticity score – 47%

Overall Experience score – 47%

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