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I love Mrs Pringles. She is so easy to make and use when you need her. Like a fuck-buddy she is very satisfying without any fuss or bother. Is it true love? Probably not, but she is an old friend that I keep going back to. This build is also the basic foundation for lots of little variations that keep things interesting.

The Pringles tube is about the perfect size for a stroker. This build uses simple materials with a latex glove (or condom if you fancy splashing out) and a couple of cheap sponges. Together they produce an excellent contact surface and flesh that maintains firm pressure on your penis. You can easily enhance the texture by incorporating bubble wrap and the temperature by soaking the sponges in hot water first. The firm outer body allows this design to be incorporated into a hands-free system.

How does it compare to a natural vagina?

Softness – 7/10

Texture – 7/10

Width flexibility and shape – 8/10

Friction – 7/10

Temperature – 7/10

Durability – 7/10

Ease of handing/positioning – 7/10

Authenticity score – 71%

Overall Experience score – 70%

Full build instructions for Mrs Pringles here

14 thoughts on “Review – Mrs Pringles

  1. I’ve used 3 sponges for an all round grip, some bubble wrap inbetween the sponges and the glove, a bit of spit or lube and your good to go – feels amazing. I use it at least once a week! ;o)

  2. Amazing, I made it today after a trip to the dollar store. I want to use it all day man, feels great!

  3. Mrs.Pringles is absolutely amazing

    I Have sex with amazing women quite often and this is now my go – to
    Feels amazing I had to use smaller sponges due to my girth, however worked out excellent once I accommodated

    • 🙂 She’s one hell of a woman. Maybe not as much fun as a mistress but more convenient and less likely to cause a divorce for the married guys.

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