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OK, it doesn’t look very pretty but it FEELS great. This build is all about the balloons. Air is a great flesh because is moulds itself to your shape so well and compresses while still maintaining pressure. The shape of the balloons give different textures and pressures at different points during your insertion. This makes things more interesting than a build that creates an even pressure, like when you use sponges for the flesh.

When I first saw these punching ball balloons in the supermarket I did not know what I would use them for but I knew that I had to have them – large, thick, stretchy rubber, just what a builder should be on the look out for. Some people suggest that you should just bind the balloons together with tape. But that just creates a flimsy AV that may burst, offers little heft, and means that they can not be incorporated into a hands free system. The Party Time design is so much better than that. You need a large body to be able to contain the balloons properly and a dismantled vacuum flask works very well. I really like this design but it can be a bit difficult to get the balloons into the right position, and you have to build it from scratch each time because the balloons will lose their air over time. But you can reuse the balloons quite a few times so the cost per pop is not too high.

How does it compare to a natural vagina?

Softness – 8/10

Texture – 8/10

Width flexibility and shape – 8/10

Friction – 8/10

Temperature – 7/10

Durability – 7/10

Ease of handing/positioning – 7/10

Authenticity score – 76%

Overall Experience score – 76%

Full build instructions for Party Time here

6 thoughts on “Review – Party Time

  1. What if you used water or gel to fill the balloons instead of water to prevent the air from seeping out?

    I ask that question right before I leave to go buy the things and find out myself, lol. Will reply with results 😀

  2. I saw this somewhere online and had to try it. I used sponges instead of balloons and it was an AMAZING experience! My spouse isn’t too keen on oral sex so now I finally found the next best thing and its not cheat so its a win win situation for me! I’m interested in the difference when balloons are used instead of sponges… Off to the dollar store I go!

    • I would like to ask whether you have a website about homemade lubricant or massage gel. Is it possible?

      • There are all sorts of cheap lotions that you can use but some can ‘sting’ a little so I go for the sensitive skin variety. Or there is always good ol petroleum jelly.

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