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This is the classic DIY AV that you see all over the internet. Supposedly invented in prison to help the long years go by, so it is tried and tested and really is pretty good if you are limited in what materials you can get hold of.

The biggest problem with this design is that it is using the ‘fluffy’ characteristic of the towel to provided the flesh. I wonder how much conditioner is actually used on inmates’ fabrics? Fabrics simply don’t have good compression or elastic characteristics as a building material. It is therefore important to get the folding done at the right tension otherwise you end up with something that is either too tight or too loose. It is also quite floppy so it is not brilliant as a hand-held device. However, it works much better as a hands free build because then you can use the weight of your own body to help control the pressure on your dick. This a cheap and cheerful build that is well worth a try.

How does it compare to a natural vagina?

Softness – 8/10

Texture – 8/10

Width flexibility and shape – 4/10

Friction – 5/10

Temperature – 7/10

Durability – 6/10

Ease of handing/positioning – 5/10

Authenticity score – 61%

Overall Experience score – 63%

Full build instructions for Prison Fefe here

10 thoughts on “Review – Prison Fefe

  1. Thanks. This was worth trying indeed.

    I just broke with my girlfriend after already more than 1 month of no sex, I will confess that I am not great finding pussy and I am trying to stay away of prostitutes to avoid getting an easy STD, for today this was of much help for this.

    One thing different I did was to tie a rubber band to the midle finger of the rubber glove and keep the towel shorter so I could grab the rubber and stop the globe from coming out, this happened the first time and stopped the fun.

    I am planning to build “Party Time” too. Great web site men.

  2. If you have some lego or better yet, duplo to hand, then you can build a custom sleeve for this which:
    a) gives you constant pressure
    b) allows you to place it on a sturdy surface
    c) gives you something firm to to lean on to hold it all in place and
    d) most importantly, a means of adjusting the tilt angle, just add a couple more bricks to the far end until its perfect.

  3. I have made similar versions of this, as I’m too lazy to go to the store for supplies, and this is BY FAR the best feeling one yet. Simply folding the glove (bag, ziplock, etc) over the towel, it makes it feel that much better.

  4. may i understand how to make awesome DIY adult sex toys for my gitlfriend & personally? she lives in UK whereas My home is NY right now. we overlook each other a great deal & both of us believe diy adult novelties may help reducing our difficulties of “missing”

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