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The cucumber looks like it was designed to be used as an AV. However, it is much trickier to use than it may first appear. The enthusiastic beginner may simply cut the end off and try to scoop out the soft flesh from within. But wait! This is not easy without damaging the outer skin and the integrity of the body . You will be left with a very fragile ‘sleeve’. The standard supermarket cucumber may look as if it will fit nicely but once things start to get interesting you will find that it probably doesn’t. Perhaps you will be lucky and find a larger/wider than usual cucumber but even then there is little ‘give’ in the flesh. Although very wet the natural fruit chemicals have a strangely drying effect. So then we are left with a number of problems that the full build instructions will address.

Once you have addressed all the potential problems this AV works pretty well. The hardest part is maintaining the correct tension. This requires careful planning and good building skills to get right. The cost per pop of this AV is actually very high. I paid 80p for this cucumber and good quality gaffer tape if not cheap. Rubber bands and latex gloves are pennies but condoms are also about 80p each unless you buy in bulk. Considering that you are unlikely to want to re-use the cucumber and that it will not last long in any case this is actually a very expensive AV to build on a regular basis. However, as a one-off it is actually quite a bit of fun.

 How does it compare to a natural vagina?

Softness – 5/10

Texture – 5/10

Width flexibility and shape – 5/10

Friction – 4/10

Temperature – 3/10

Durability – 3/10

Ease of handing/positioning – 6/10

Authenticity score – 44%

Overall Experience score – 50%

Full build instructions for the Cucumber here

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