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Build difficulty: Very difficult … an utter bugger to get right

1. The idea here is to make a mold using a candle and then cover it in layers of silicone sealant. Let it dry (fully) and then peel it off to reveal your home made stroker. You will need at least 1 large tube of silicone sealant, a large candle (bigger than your dick) and a few basic tools such a rulers knives etc.



2. Measure up the candle. Silicone stretches and you will want a good fit so it needs to be smaller than the width of your dick by at least 25%.


3. Mark out and then cut down the width of the candle on two sides.

DSCF9073 DSCF9074 DSCF9075 DSCF9078

4. and now the other two sides


5. Start to shape the mold by eye into a cylinder.


6. Cut into the mold some ridges in order to create some nice texture. Be creative but be careful not to break the mold.


7. Heat up a large nail or old screwdriver and push it into the end of the mold. You need the mold to be stuck on something like a lollipop so that you can work on it later. Don’t rush this part – you don’t want to break the mold.


8. Clamp the mold or suspend-it from something on some string so that you can work on it.


9. Now it is time for the tube of silicone sealant.


10. You want to get a nice smooth layer of silicone evenly over the mold. Take you time. Don’t make it too thick. Do it in multiple layers over the course of a day or so if you want. Build it up slowly. But don’t let the last layer dry out too much before you add the next.


11. Now here is the hardest part. Leave it alone… for at least a month. You will not believe me. You will look at it and think to yourself, ‘no way man, that has got to be dry by now’. Trust me. It isn’t. Ideally just forget about it for a couple of months.


12. here comes the best part. Very carefully ease the stroker off the mold. It is quite durable so pinching it in places will help to get it off and free it from the mold. Once off, and if you have put on enough silicone, and got the dimensions exactly right then you should have just made a first rate home made AV. Way to go.

However, if you are anything like me then you did not put on enough silicone, made it too big, and did not wait long enough to let it dry. If that is you then I suggest that you buy a fleshlight (link for discount on the right). Also, in my excitement to try it once it was dry I forgot to take a picture!!!!! Sorry guys. The texture thing worked great though.

13. Lube up well and enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “Full build instructions – Home made silicone stroker

  1. Guys look for smooth on silicon or dragon skin. It seems to behave just the same a fleshlight, being very stretchy and resistante

  2. Hi, Wankers!! Stop using your hands, get real PUSSY!!! Put your dick between pussy lips and let’s go!! Or put your dick between boobs… 🙂 Cum in partners face!!! Yeeeeh baby!!!!! 😀

  3. Hi please tell me what kind of silicone should I use? as we know there are a lot of them in the shops! the grade and information is need.

  4. I’ve made it simply. 1. Asian paint Silicone 2. Blank Pond’s powder botle. 3. Normal Rs. 4 candle. Process: hold the candle on the one side cut ponds powder blanck botle midle then fill the botle with silicone with the preasure on the back side with a hammer handle. Put it on a safe place for 2 days then heat up a iron or steel screw driver to remove the candle and your vagina is ready. Its so much easy. Dont make it complecated.

    • Did kinda the same way. In a bottle an filled it up with universal white silicone. I kept the 25% ish margin and used a candle. But no screwdriver. I cut a little hole in the bottem of the bottle to push the candle out

  5. Thats how basically to make it… But it lack of tips for beginner and people may failed like ten times before get it right by own.

    Pro tips:
    Candle – If you dont have a big ass candle, just go buy the standard size candles. Put two of them in parallel and use another candle to fill the ridge between them. when you drip the 3rd candle to fill the ridge, make sure you place the flame near enough to the ridge between the two candle so it help melt it down to quicken the process. do only at one side just enough to keep them together… Now make another one like this and use flame on the flat side (the ridge that you already filled with wax) and put the two set of parallel candle together… fill the gap with dripping more candle on them… Now you have 4 candle stuck together. from above it have 4 wick and from the base it looks like 4 leaf clover. Dont mind the shape because it will just add more pleasure and if u dont like it, u always can shave it down to a perfect cylindrical shape…

    Size matter – silicon are not as flexible as you think. it is still not comparable to factory made like fleshlight and tenga. So when you measure the candle, dont use your dick as reference. make AT LEAST x1.5 of your dick diameter or you wont be able to put anything inside it… dont worry for the tightness because how you carved the candle will make up for it…

    carving – is you carving a shape, dont go crazy with it. I know people caving this imagining how extreme the feel will gonna be. if you make a ridge, make sure it is very thin. or if you want it to be thick make sure make it is very shallow. dont go deep and thick unless your dick has an iron cast. for the head, smoothen the candle end and make round in shape, is you leave it flat, when you use it, you will not have full contact at the end. make sure you carve your best design from above (the head). because sometimes people go over confident and make a long mold. after the silicone dried you need to put on your dick and cut the base of the mold until you dick head reach at the end…

    molding silicone – this where people always made mistake. put a rubber glove, dont use your bare hand. wet the rubber glove first before handling silicone. It will cure in month? no sir, at most 2 hours and you are safe… how? lukewarm water in a bowl, put some dishsoap. directly put the silicon into the bowl and need it with your hand for about 30-60 second. make sure your dough doesnt have air bubble. press the dough against the candle make sure it take the proper shape of the candle. dont put too much silicone on the wall, its ok above the head but only a thin layer on the wall…

    completion – after it dried, put it on your harden dick to make sure it tight fit. cut the base if the mold is too deep for your size. if somehow the hole it to small, use something bigger like red bull can or mineral water bottle to stretch it out… then apply another layer of silicon outside of it to finalize the shape. drill a hole at the tip of the silicone head to release air when in use… you can cover the hole after you put the dick in to feel the sucking sensation…


  6. would it help dry faster if you catalized the silicone in soap water first or will the flexibility change?

  7. Ok kids time for some pro tips. Go get a large sports water bottle (Goodwill for like $3) and fasten that candle core in the center. Then fill it up with your silicone and let it dry for a day or 2. Caulk is ok but if you want to go pro, choose a wide variety of liquid rubber from smooth-on. They sell high tear resistant silicone. Hell if you want to go real pro, get gallons of it, take your candle stick designs, make some paper mache holo creature of your desire and fill it up with your candle stick where you want that sweet spot to be and kazoodle! You have not only your awesome fleshlights but now your own homemade high quality sex doll… But if your on a budget… I recommend a sports water bottle as an outer mold….

    • I agree N0. 4 plastic water bottle is most resilient. For the “flesh feel” liner I use silicone hairy balls which I cut to pieces and melt in an old electric fry pan between 350-375 degrees F. once melted allow to cool then peel the flat silicone sheet off the pan and roll into a tube and place inside No. 4 bottle with a few inches of material extending beyond the mouth of bottle. Roll the extra material back onto the bottle like a cuff and secure with a rubber band.

  8. I like it but what about hot glue like the kind you find in the craft aisle has not nearly as soft as silicone but does come in softer versions just a though have not tried it yet though could work but best of all only takes minutes to set before use.

  9. Try putting it in the freezer first, its just like the real thing. Now I can get laid whenever I want and I don’t even have to thaw my girlfriend out first! Thanks for the idea, please send me your address so we can be besties!

  10. I’m now working on my third one of these and I’ve found a way to spread the silicone easier as well as make it look not so homemade. It does make the overall process longer, but if you’re building this then time is not much of an issue to begin with.
    Put a layer on your mold it doesn’t have to be pretty and let it sit for a couple hours so the silicone has set but not cured. I have my tube cut so about a half an inch bead comes out of it. Now put one or two full rings of silicone around your partial pussy and then grab a hair dryer, put it on the lowest setting and hold it about a foot away while waving it somewhat vigorously around the rings (if your on this sight then you know to move your hand pretty vigorously) for one to one and a half minutes. Now grab a putty knife and start to smooth the rings out. The silicone has now partially set and is kind of like elastic but still sticky enough to grip the silicone that’s already on there but not the putty knife. If it still seems to sticky use the hair dryer for another thirty seconds then continue to spread it on. I’m waiting for this new one to fully cure then I will upload a picture to show the final product

  11. I saw a video where a guy filled a long balloon to the same shape as the candle minus the textured grooves. He cut the bottom cover off the tube and just dipped the balloon in the tube to coat it. Would that make the silicone ale forever to fully cure?

    • What I cant figure out is how someone else “master ages” you. I mean I know that stress can make you prematurely grey, but I’ve never heard of someone being “master ages”.

      • Lol you know he meant masturbates. was probably using an iPhone or something.

        anyway, most of us have girlfriends/wives :p but it’s still fun to fuck something else once in a while without actually cheating. you’ll understand one day kiddo.
        dating site hehe good for you bro.

        • forgot to say, this idea with silicone, don’t do it, it’ll rip your dick to bits.
          If you’re a girl, you might get away with using this to cast a dildo. but not a pussy, they’re so much softer.
          you need something like lure flex liquid with 1 part softener. that’ll give you a material as soft as a fleshlight. I know cuz I’ve been trying to make my own mare pussy 😉
          but the stuff isn’t as strong as a fleshlight and breaks soon after pulling it or pushing my dick through it. And I don’t know what ingredient to add to the mixture to form this strong elasticity. And Can’t find help on the internet either. 🙁

          • Just try making ur mold like u do but then put reg strong silicon on it to hold it all together better kinda like cement with rebar but ur not putting it in it just on the outside like a case just think about it

            • yes anon, using the silicone caulking as a case would be a better idea. also, it’d be even better to mix the silicone with corn flour first so that it removes that glossy feeling on the surface, gives it a matte effect.
              if you squirt all your silicone caulk into water with plenty of liquid soap in it, you’ll be able to handle it with your hands without it sticking to your skin. So then you can knead the corn flour into the silicone, when you let it set, it’ll have a nice smooth feeling instead of that usual glossy exterior.
              I actually melted down a fleshlight on the hob and poured it into a small test mold of a horse pussy. it was so small and tight it really felt like I was pushing my dick through actual muscle. XD But after I blew my load I realised I’d stretched it. I think I should’ve waited longer for it to cool down before fucking it hehe….

  12. I’ve been messing around with making a silicone pussy for a while now after getting the idea from this site. I used an blue alcathene tubing to start with but I found this was very tight but was very pleasurable with alot of lube etc. What I tried after that was sticking duct tape over the tubing and running it round and round until it was enough girth. Also, because air bubbles for stuck under the tape, it meant it added a nice texture and after putting the silicone on and leaving it (I left it 2 days and it had dried fine in that time but some may need to be longer) and peeling the silicone off the mould it looks like it could work very well, and after trying it, I just admit, it feels amazing. I really don’t think there’s anything I’d change about it. In my opinion it works perfect and just thought I’d let anyone else know that may like to try the same idea. Great site by the way 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback on the build Sam. I had not thought of creating the mold like that. It sounds much easier than my way. Nice one. Any pictures?

  13. I thought of something that can be done with this build that might be harder with others. Make a small screw thread for a 10cc bottle(eg, model paints) at the far end. That way, you can use it for collecting samples(medical) or easy disposal. Remove the bottle until prior to ejaculation, then use it to capture, and you’ll also reduce the amount of clean-up necessary.

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