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FULL BUILD INSTRUCTIONS. Should be read with the relevant homemade vagina review

Artificial vagina are fun. They are fun to build and they are fun to use. In your enthusiasm for building your artificial vagina you must not forget that these are different types of fun. You can’t go straight from the satisfaction of completing your build to using it without a clear mental transition. Remember, sex is in the mind! You may think that this is obvious but it is easy to get carried away with the detail of the build. In the same way, if your brain is in your pants then you will not be able to build a good artificial vagina . So, either keep the two activities separate or else start practicing your Jedi mental discipline!

Golden Rule: Fire only when ready!

Here are the full build instructions for the best DIY artificial vagina in order of the review experience score. Only builds with scores above 50% are included.The experience scores of commercial AVs are very variable but the best quality ones made from Cyberskin etc can be even better than a natural vagina because the designers have built-in super stimulating characteristics. The range of scores for good commercial AVs is about 70 – 110%. I can recommend the suppliers on the right.

NAME                                       BUILD COST      DIFFICULTY      EXPERIENCE SCORE

PARTY TIME                                 £3.00                  MEDIUM                            76%

TUNNEL OF LOVE                   £3.50 – £5.50          DIFFICULT                        73%

MRS PRINGLES                             £3.25                   EASY                              70%

PRISON FEFE                                 12p                    EASY                               63%

LOVE GLOVE                                   12p                   MEDIUM                           60%  

PIPE INSULATION                        £3.00-£7.00          MEDIUM                           55%

SILICONE STROKER                        £10              VERY DIFFICULT               53%

THE CUCUMBER                         £1.00-£1.80          MEDIUM                           50%

Do you have a great artificial vagina  design? Let me know below.

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  1. I was wrong in saying the pleasantries of this site did not have your basic non educated goat fuckin no brained better than you DICK WEEDS!! if you don’t like this site the door is open. Leave! And let the adults read in peace w/o rude remarks thanks

    • I found everything I was looking for here. Most of the people that come here came here to learn. I don’t see the point in being rude.

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