Full build instructions – Pipe Insulation

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Build difficulty: medium

1. You will need a condom and a length of pipe insulation foam.

2. Measure the insulation foam against the condom and cut to size.

3. Cut the insulation foam in half down the middle and carefully shape the inner semicircles so that they fit you.

4. Attach the tip of the condom to a rubber bath plug and lay the condom inside one half of the insulation foam.

5. Put the 2 half back together and hold in place with extra-large hose clips. Rubber bands can also be used.

6. Pull the end of the condom through and fold over the end of the foam (above). The friction should hold it in place but a rubber band can be used to secure it.

7. Adjust the position of the rubber bands / hose clips to allow for comfortable entry. The condom and rubber bands will create the tension to maintain pressure on your cock.

8. The two halves of the foam will separate to accommodate you as you enter, while maintaining firm pressure.

Here is a variation that incorporates a latex glove as the contact surface, uses bubble wrap to soften the flesh, and rubber bands to hold the body together and create tension.

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11 thoughts on “Full build instructions – Pipe Insulation

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  3. The soft, almost silky pipe insulation from home depot is great! It’s the type with adhesive. I just cut off a piece 4 inches longer than I am, peel n stick the adhesive and press the halves together while it’s on a broomstick or something larger. A strip of tape lightly around each end like collars with one on the middle and it’s showtime. A bonus is that you can go in either side. I make one side a little tighter than the other, because variety.
    The strip of tape in the middle constricts the foam insulation a little, gives a great tight push-through when you slide into it.
    I buy expired condoms off ebay so I put one on and lube up the sleeve with lotion. Maybe astroglide would be ok but it might be too slick.
    I love mine just like I described it.

  4. Lowes and Depot sell two kinds of pipe insulation. One is far softer than the other, very flesh like, also black and in different sizes. Best construction is to buy the largest diameter and cut of a 1 foot piece. Remove sticky edges, then fold in half crosswise. Fold that in half again to create a seam free pocket. Wrap in an ace bandage and fall in love.

  5. love this specific shit. you may simulate a new fleshlight if you put it in a cut-off A single.5 litre coke jar. 5 times much better. also dip the bath towel and then micro wave it to get 30 seconds or simply a minute.

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