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Build difficulty – medium

1. Lay out a latex rubber glove. Another material is OK so long as it is very stretchy and durable.

2. Tie off the thumb and little finger of the glove where it meets the palm.

3. Turn the glove inside out. Seal and blow into the opening to pop out the fingers. The three middle fingers will come back out.

4. Slightly inflate the glove by holding the cuff and blowing into the glove – gently push the middle finger back into the glove. Bring it through far enough so that the tip is in line with the cuff.

5. Tie off the middle finger and the cuff so that the glove is completely sealed. You can simply tie a knot but I prefer to use a rubber band (wrap it around repeatedly until tight) so that I don’t lose too much ‘length’ in the ‘finger’ (I like it deep).

6. Now make a small hole in one of the remaining outer fingers. Blow into the glove to inflate it (I like to insert a pen shaft or a straw to make this process easier).

7. Blow in just enough air so that you are able to still take the remaining two outer fingers and wrap them around the inflated glove.

8. Tie the two remaining outer fingers together at the opposite side of the glove near the cuff.

9. You should be left with something that looks like an inflated pair of buttocks, wearing a thong, and a vaginal opening.

10. Balance the air in the 2 ‘buttocks’ until they are even.

11. You can add some pen marks to highlight the labia and butt hole if you are a better artist than me. The way they stretch is actually quite realistic.

12. Lube up the vagina well and enjoy!

There is a variation to this method that creates more depth but which looses the visual appearance of a woman’s behind. Simply tie off all the fingers and thumb except for the middle finger (stage 2). At stage 6 you can blow in much more air to get the depth and pressure that you want. Personally I prefer the visual stimulation of the standard build.

Building Tips: sometimes the glove does burst during the build. You can use 2 gloves, one inside the other to strengthen it. To do this just put the 2 gloves on the same hand. To make a snug fit blow gently between the gloves while wearing them and they will slide together wonderfully. However, the compression of two middle fingers is too much on your dick so you will need to cut the middle finger off the outer glove (before you put it on your hand).

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137 thoughts on “Full build instructions – Love Glove

  1. Guys get over your selfs. This item just furthers the stimulation of jerking off. And I feel pretty confident that all of you have yanked the monkey before, since 98% of the male population, well jack off. So stop arguing about fucking “real” women, and hey, you looked up the website.

  2. Guys really do this outside of prison?? You know that there are real live vaginas out there you can fuck right? You’re not getting any closer to one doing this weird ass shit.

    • Also do yo stretch the fingers in opposite directions or cross them over. Word of advise get very stretchy latex gloves!!!

  3. This is just a joke right? Because it doesn’t matter how much you inflate it; it is physically impossible to tie the fingers at the opposite side of the glove. Like how the even fuck

  4. So I have no idea where to blow it up when I did the variant of tying off all but the middle finger. It says at step 6 I can blow much more air but where do I blow in the air?

  5. This is pretty cool. Never knew there was a way to turn a glove in to something so perfect — it’s built perfectly, and it’s sophisticated yet simple.. I’m pretty impressed with the aesthetics as well. Also, I made a few adjustments, and I will share them:

    I decided to invert the glove, then tie the thumb and little finger, and then invert the glove once more to get it to its original state. Comparing this to just tying the glove, and then inverting it, it makes the middle finger have a little more texture, because I’ve found that the original state of the fingers on the glove, before inverted is much more texturized than where you actually put your hand (when you invert it). It is just a little more rough, and inside it is silky smooth. Obviously, you don’t want that because if it is more texturized then it will give more stimulation, so I opted to go with that.

    I also didn’t tie the thumb. This way you can adjust it later as you please. You can take away and add more air, and for people who want to use water, add other stuff like jello, grits or oatmeal down the road. This also allows you to make the end product much bigger and it will also make it easier to make. Simply use either the ring or index finger for the original placing of ______, and then tie the ring and index finger after you’ve only added a small amount of ______, and then cut the tip of the thumb off afterward, to add more ______. I found the tying of the ring and index finger VERY difficult, so this really helps because you can fill it up with a very small amount of ______, and then fill it up through the thumb, so it will be tied previously and you won’t need to tie it after you’ve blown it up pretty big. So this allows you to add more substances down the road, allows you to make it bigger, and makes one of the hardest parts one of the easiest ones. To use it, after you’ve cut it open, just leave a rubber band on it and take it off when you want to add something to it or something. Preferably I would want to tape the thumb down when not in use, because one of the downsides is that it looks a bit like a penis when it isn’t taped down. Either that or you could just hold it down when you’re using it (you would probably be grasping it anyway so you wouldn’t really see it).

    Also, I used water, and grits. It made it a little thicker.

    And last but not least, I dropped a little Mio Drink Enhancer in it to color it. I didn’t have any food coloring around. It made it a pink/light purple color which made it slightly more appealing.

    (I also used zip ties as opposed to rubber bands or tape, because they are MUCH more secure. You obviously wouldn’t want to use these on the thumb though because they are very tight and you would have a struggle getting them off.)

  6. MrFeDe im having trouble with the last part with tieing the last 2 fingers together how big did you blow it up (give me a reference to something)

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