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Build difficulty – medium

1. Lay out a latex rubber glove. Another material is OK so long as it is very stretchy and durable.

2. Tie off the thumb and little finger of the glove where it meets the palm.

3. Turn the glove inside out. Seal and blow into the opening to pop out the fingers. The three middle fingers will come back out.

4. Slightly inflate the glove by holding the cuff and blowing into the glove – gently push the middle finger back into the glove. Bring it through far enough so that the tip is in line with the cuff.

5. Tie off the middle finger and the cuff so that the glove is completely sealed. You can simply tie a knot but I prefer to use a rubber band (wrap it around repeatedly until tight) so that I don’t lose too much ‘length’ in the ‘finger’ (I like it deep).

6. Now make a small hole in one of the remaining outer fingers. Blow into the glove to inflate it (I like to insert a pen shaft or a straw to make this process easier).

7. Blow in just enough air so that you are able to still take the remaining two outer fingers and wrap them around the inflated glove.

8. Tie the two remaining outer fingers together at the opposite side of the glove near the cuff.

9. You should be left with something that looks like an inflated pair of buttocks, wearing a thong, and a vaginal opening.

10. Balance the air in the 2 ‘buttocks’ until they are even.

11. You can add some pen marks to highlight the labia and butt hole if you are a better artist than me. The way they stretch is actually quite realistic.

12. Lube up the vagina well and enjoy!

There is a variation to this method that creates more depth but which looses the visual appearance of a woman’s behind. Simply tie off all the fingers and thumb except for the middle finger (stage 2). At stage 6 you can blow in much more air to get the depth and pressure that you want. Personally I prefer the visual stimulation of the standard build.

Building Tips: sometimes the glove does burst during the build. You can use 2 gloves, one inside the other to strengthen it. To do this just put the 2 gloves on the same hand. To make a snug fit blow gently between the gloves while wearing them and they will slide together wonderfully. However, the compression of two middle fingers is too much on your dick so you will need to cut the middle finger off the outer glove (before you put it on your hand).

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  1. The second I put my dick in it, it fucking popped and the middle finger tightened around my massive bear cock and started fucking choking it out, and I freaked and got a knife to cut the tight latex off it and accidentally cut my dick (Not even that bad, just a little cut) But now when I masturbate and use spit for lube, it burns…

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