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Build difficulty – easy

1.  You will need an empty tube of Pringles (a tennis ball tube will work), two small car wash sponges, a latex glove (or condom) and some bubble wrap if you want to add texture.

2. Sandwich the latex glove between the two sponges. Place bubble wrap around the sponges first if you want to add texture.

3. Push the ‘glove sandwich’ into the Pringles tube so that the glove cuff is sticking out.

4. Fold the latex glove cuff around the top of the Pringles tube.

5. Use a rubber band or tape the glove in place.

6. Make a small hole in the bottom of the tube to prevent suction.

7. Lube up well and enjoy!

Tip: Soak the sponges in hot water before insertion to replicate body heat.

Here is another variation using a ziplock bag as a contact surface – its ok in an emergency!


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112 thoughts on “Full build instructions – Mrs Pringles

  1. So this isn’t me bragging about my dick size, I just want to make that clear before I say anything else. Anyway I couldn’t get it in and about snapped my dick trying. When I could sort of slip it in a bit (required a lot of work and adjustment for the payoff) it was barely sliding in and out, and I ended up breaking it apart after maybe three pumps that weren’t even full on pumps. I used lube and everything, made the hole out the back, did all the instructions, but nothing worked. I know it isn’t because my dick is too big or some shit, it’s average I think, but it just wouldn’t go in. And when I mean nearly snapped my dick I mean I snapped it and felt some real pain, and if I hadn’t stopped and pulled it back in time I might have gone to the ER.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  2. This works great, it’s wayyyyy better and gives better orgasms then using your hand. Would recommend 10/10

  3. Use socks, put the socks onto the can in the same way as the glove. As many layers of socks as you require one sock in the next and the glove last. .ayou can also try a elastic band around the sock a lttle ways from the enterance for a bit of a clinching affect.

  4. Is there anyway to create more pressure/suction on your dick? Or does anyone have a good way to fuck it XD it’s sounds terrible but using a towel just dosent cut it lol.

      • puncture a hole at the end. than insurt it and cover the hole it will suck you in. and make shure it is a small hole not at the botom but at the side of the can near the bottom. hole should be like a tooth pick

    • No nagging, no headache moments, no I’m on my period, no having to take out for a meal first, or get her pissed or stoned first, you don’t have to buy gifts to keep it sweet lol! lots of pluses but I have to say, there is nothing like a real, tight pussy and a babe moaning like a pornstar as she cums.

  5. This totally worked. I used a few smaller sponges and it was a bit too tight. I’m going to retry with just two sponges and see if that works. But, fuck, this thing is amazing and a fraction of the price of a Fleshlight!

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