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Build difficulty – easy

1.  You will need an empty tube of Pringles (a tennis ball tube will work), two small car wash sponges, a latex glove (or condom) and some bubble wrap if you want to add texture.

2. Sandwich the latex glove between the two sponges. Place bubble wrap around the sponges first if you want to add texture.

3. Push the ‘glove sandwich’ into the Pringles tube so that the glove cuff is sticking out.

4. Fold the latex glove cuff around the top of the Pringles tube.

5. Use a rubber band or tape the glove in place.

6. Make a small hole in the bottom of the tube to prevent suction.

7. Lube up well and enjoy!

Tip: Soak the sponges in hot water before insertion to replicate body heat.

Here is another variation using a ziplock bag as a contact surface – its ok in an emergency!


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112 thoughts on “Full build instructions – Mrs Pringles

  1. It’s awesome, I followed the instructions, with bubble wrap, and used Vaseline as lube, it was the best fake vagina I have ever used! Highly recommended, also I may add another way to make it better is to soak the sponges in warm water to make it more realistic!

    • I am 15 years old and i love this idea and i have made it and once i made it i realized that my long black dick could not fit in between the two sponges, what should i do.

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  3. I find that if you cant get sponges find an old pair of boxers fold long ways and you get a fully down vagina

    • apparantly she does not think you know what you are doing and was trrying too tell you that you can start pleasuring ur self

  4. I’ve used 3 sponges for an all round grip, some bubble wrap inbetween the sponges and the glove, a bit of spit or lube and your good to go – feels amazing. I use it at least once a week! ;o)

    I’ve put a toilet roll tube in the bottom of the pringles tube to stop the sponges sliding in!

  5. didn’t have sponges or a can, I am using nearly the same setup for the acception of no solled container such as a pringles can, its a bit flimsy but I’ve found that placing it inside the ass of a stuffed animal gives a nice tightness and stability and also more of a feeling that there’s actually somthing there, almost like a sex doll but with a realistic vagina 🙂

  6. I found it better to place paper cups under the sponges then wrap sponges in bubble wrap individualy .. crimp the edge over so the sponges don’t work free , apply lots of lube and go … I wore the condom too since it was an easier clean up and then makes the device reusable

  7. Put a lot of toilet paper in de pringles can. Thema’s put de sponge inside with te rubber glove. They can’t go down annymore

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