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Build difficulty: Medium

1. You will need 4 balloons, some duct tape, 1 latex glove and a cheap vacuum flask (aka thermos or Dewer flask). Dismantle the flask so that you are just left with the outer casing (you don’t need the inner vacuum part). Any larger body will do. A Pringles tube will be too small.

2. Put all four balloons into the large end of the casing. Lay them on the edge.

3. Add the latex glove – lay the cuff of the glove over the edge. 

4. Carefully blow some air into each balloon. Do this one at a time – putting in just enough air so that the balloon inflates to the midway point in the body. Once inflated – seal and attach the balloon in place with a bit of tape on the outside of the tube.

5. Carefully fold the glove cuff over the end of the body casing and hold in place with tape or rubber bands.

6. Lube up well and enjoy!

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29 thoughts on “Full build instructions – Party Time

  1. Go to your local party store buy some donut shape balloons with a hole in he middle, now fill with vanilla instant pudding after you mix it with milk pour it in the balloon and shake like crazy and until it sets up. Tie it closed warm it up in the microwave just so it’s warm then place yourselve in the holed put your girdle on and go to it.

  2. So, being a technical sort of person with too much time on my hands, I came up with an improvement or two on the Party Time AV.

    This design allows you to fill the balloons at the same time, to the same pressure, and adjust the pressure quickly and easily to suit your sensations.

    So, drill four holes at the closed end of the container and pull the balloon ends through the holes. Using tee-fittings and 1/4in ID latex or vinyl tubing connect all four balloons together. Put a longer piece, like 3ft/1m, at the first fitting. You can use zip ties, rubber bands, or other methods to fit the balloons to the tees.

    To adjust the pressure, get hold of a rubber blood pressure inflation bulb. You can get these for not much money on eBay. These are great because you can inflate or let air out with one hand — that’s what they’re designed for!

    Connect the rubber bulb to the longer piece of tubing

    From here, put the latex glove over the open end of the container, lube it up, and go to town as usual. With a little practice you can use the inflator bulb to adjust the pressure in the balloons–tight or loose–to suit your pleasure!

    I”m not going to give you a detailed list of parts, and assembly instructions, because if you’re handy you should be able to figure it out for yourself.

  3. A large plastic tumbler cup works nicely, costs about a dollar US, and you can use normal sized balloons. Also, a fifth balloon in the bottom of the design helps give more feeling as well as help the duct tape hold things in place.

  4. So how large is the thermos you have there? Also where did you get it because I can’t find any under $10? I as someone under 18 have some difficulty with finding things in my budget at stores near by. Also what other containers are about the same size and do you think that a bottle that has a skinnier neck would work? Any thought are answers would be appreciated.

    P.s: You should add more ideas on here, maybe an idea forum of some sort or works in progress ideas.

  5. Using latex gloves instead of gloves works well also. It has more appendages than a balloon which can give variation.

  6. What works better is blowing up condoms an organizing them in rings down the length of the bottle. Use a cap to prevent them from coming out. Condom has a superior feel but the setup is more expensive.

  7. Have you ever tried filling the balloons with something other than air? Water would work fairly well. Or almost any type of vegetable-based oil might be better, because it is thicker. (?) You might be able to use a petroleum-based oil. Some of those might degrade the rubber of the balloon, though. You might try syrup, which is even thicker than oil, but might or might not crystallize. Maybe it won’t because of lack of contact with air, like when it is in the bottle. Those should solve the “deflation over time issue”. Although it might be more difficult to fill the balloons, especially with any pressure. You would need some type of a “pump”. A pastry bag (or piping bag) might work for that fairly well. You can fill the balloon up to full, then use the bag to add additional pressurized content. You won’t be able to achieve much pressure, but some, which might be better than none. These liquid-based fillings will also potentially allow heating of the bags for extra reality, ideally in very hot water rather than a microwave.

    • I’m loving the way you think Digsby. In answer to your question. I have tried the balloons with water and it does add extra weight (reality) and allows you to have a very nice temperature. On the down side, it is harder to get the pressure right (which I think is very important) and there is the potential for things to get very messy. I haven’t tried higher density fluids but again, I’am sure that you are right about their properties. I suppose that purely in terms of cost benefit (both time and money) the standard build is pretty good – but there is always room for improvement. If you do experiment with alternative fluids please do post in masturbation central to tell us how it works out. I may have a go myself but there are a few other builds I want to review first. Thanks for posting.

  8. A “vacuum flask” in the U.S. (and other locales) is known as a “thermos”, a “dewar flask”, or a “dewar bottle”. I can’t tell what kind you are using here, but you may want to explain or describe it better. You have to be careful, because some thermoses, when broken, can shatter and implode, which would not be a good thing. That’s if they have the part that is a vacuum that makes the insulation for hot and cold retention of the contents. I’m assuming you mean to remove that part of the unit, and just have the outer casing. Or use a unit that uses something other than a vacuum for insulation. (some of the new solid materials that probably work better than vacuum chambers) You might want to make your safety announcements be in red type so they are very visible.

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