Full build instructions – Prison Fefe

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Build difficulty: Easy

1. You just need a few simple materials for this build. Towel, latex glove, rubber band/s, belt.

2. Fold the towel in half and lay the glove at one end with the cuff exposed.

3. Fold the towel over the glove – be careful not to fold it too tight or you will not fit easily (getting this right takes experience).

4. Fold until all the towel is in a roll around the glove with the cuff still exposed.

5. Hold the towel together using a belt (string or even an elastic band is fine – it is just to stop the towel coming apart).

6. Wrap the end of the glove over the end of the towel. Hold it in place with a rubber band.

7. Place other rubber bands along the length of the towel to add tension.

8. Lube up and enjoy!

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58 thoughts on “Full build instructions – Prison Fefe

  1. i did a 3 year bit in a federal pen in Canada. And I can say your FEFE is kinda spot on, yet also your making one major mistake. In prison, belts are not allowed, asyou can imagine to many guys would hang themselves when the depression sunk in. So of all the real FEFE’s I ever saw, i never saw one with a belt or elastic band. You just put it on your desk and hold it down with your hands like your doing it doggy and enjoy. P.S.- I never really used one myself, but I saw lots of them, disgusting if you asked me personally

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