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Build difficulty: Easy

1. You just need a few simple materials for this build. Towel, latex glove, rubber band/s, belt.

2. Fold the towel in half and lay the glove at one end with the cuff exposed.

3. Fold the towel over the glove – be careful not to fold it too tight or you will not fit easily (getting this right takes experience).

4. Fold until all the towel is in a roll around the glove with the cuff still exposed.

5. Hold the towel together using a belt (string or even an elastic band is fine – it is just to stop the towel coming apart).

6. Wrap the end of the glove over the end of the towel. Hold it in place with a rubber band.

7. Place other rubber bands along the length of the towel to add tension.

8. Lube up and enjoy!

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58 thoughts on “Full build instructions – Prison Fefe

  1. Boil spaghetti noodles. After noodles are cooked completely, pack a zip lock bag with warm noodles. Place between couch cushions and go to town. Feels like the real thing.

  2. Please help I only have rubber bands and a towel but I can’t find a place to buy some gloves because my local Walmart doesn’t have em

    • That would be a surprise if your local Walmart does not have latex gloves, be sure to ask someone but if they don’t, try a dollar store, harbor freight or even a grocery store.

  3. I only ever use this method to jerk it, I put it in between couch cushions and pound it hard… It feels so great, I lube it up with a little bit of unscented lubriderm because it gets warm when your inside and a little bit of KY sex lube for the actual lubrication. If you’re having troubles getting your hands on gloves Costco sells Nitrile exam gloves in a box of 200 for about $5, that’s 200 masturbation sessions for $5… Awesome deal!

    • Hahahahahahaha YOU ARE A FUCKING LOSER! I cant stop laughing at you! Your life is so pathetic it has cone down to bragging online about how you “pound latex glove in yur couch cushion hard” hahahaha.

  4. I find that getting a latex glove pre lubing it wit Vaseline and baby oil not a lot just enough to lubricate the inside otherwise when you roll it up it will spill.

    Take pre-lubed glove and put into a soft sock leaving about an inch of the glove out

    Fold a towel hot dog way and lay the sock on the edge you will be rolling

    Fold first according to girth for tightness or loseness.

    Now roll 2-3 rolls and than take a heating pad and put it on the top side of the towel

    Continue to roll tightly heating pad and all with the heating pad wire sticking out the side that comes apart.

    Once rolled either use a belt or string to fasten feefee shape

    Now pull that inch extra latex glove sticking out over the towel to reveal the opening.

    Heat up with heating pad add lube as needed and wank away the heating pad does wonders gives it a realistic feel of a warm tight cunny.

    Precautions do not leave heating pad on so long that you heat the lube inside up to a burning temperature.

    work your way inside to bliss and enjoy.

  5. I recommend using a fabric that is softer than polyester towels. Silk and fleece works well for me (bathrobes, throws, etc.) I also use a long sturdy string(s) – paracord is great for it – to wrap along the length of the fabric with a knot at the end for added tension. Take the finished tube and place it in a pillow and tie off the pillow for a more life-sized AV.


  6. Thank you this one worked well i need a few slight modifications to improve the experience but it’s good when you have nothing but a towel and latex gloves!

  7. Nice! This one worked the best for me, thanks!

    Easy to build, takes 5 minutes only and you’re ready to go

    • Personally I find balloons difficult to work with in that way. To start off I need a massive balloon to be able to fit (not bragging its just a fact). You could try cutting the balloon up and using the surface on some other ‘body’ but to be honest it would be much easier to use a glove – but where is the fun in that. Go for it, you may discover the perfect AV. Good luck.

    • you need a creepy tower on a hill – in transylvania – for that…. and a good lightning storm on the right night!

  8. i used a condom instead, and just used rubberbands. yo use just a loose rubber band on the opening and lots of lube. sooo good yo!

  9. love this shit. you can simulate a fleshlight if you put it in a cut-off 1.5 liter coke bottle. 5 times better. also soak the towel and then microwave it for 30 seconds or a minute.

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