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Build difficulty – medium

1. Take the widest cucumber that you can find.

2. Cut off one end at a wide point and then split the cucumber down the middle.

3. Carefully remove the inner flesh so that it will fit you (measure up carefully). See how you need to hollow out the most at the ‘mouth’. If you work widthways rather than lengthways your carving will leave behind pleasing ridges.

4. Place the 2 halves back together and bind with tape.

5. Now you must create an expansion gap because the cucumber flesh does not have much ‘give’. Cut along one side of the cucumber for half the length.

6. Now you must incorporate elasticity to the gap. You can either use rubber bands or just tie a latex glove around.

Place a number of rubber bands along the length of the cut section. You can use rubber bands of different size and strength in different parts depending how much tension you wish to create.

Alternatively you can place the whole thing inside 1 or more condoms to create the desired fit, or else use a rubber glove tied around to create the desired tension.

7. You are left with a rather cool fruit, especially if it has come from the fridge. Simply pour hot water through the cucumber for a couple of minutes (before putting on the condom/s). Dry the outside of the cucumber and make sure that you have shaken out as much of the water from inside as you can.

8. Lube up thoroughly. This may not seem important immediately but that natural wet feeling does not last very long and you will not want any interruptions later.

9. Enjoy your new AV!

Tips: The fruit contact surface can be enhanced by using a condom or a latex glove inside the cucumber before binding with tape. Be careful not to cut it when you put in the expansion gap. You don’t actually need to cut to make this – just start binding from the furthest end and stop half way up.

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