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Build difficulty: Difficult

1. You will need the following materials: Pringles tube or tennis ball tube, 2 condoms or 2 latex gloves, 1 sponge, duct tape and rubber bands.

2. Unroll 2 condoms (1 inside the other). 






3. Cut the tip off the condoms.

4. Cut the sponge in half so that each half is able to fit snugly in the end of the tube (but not too snuggly!). Cut a slice through each sponge (all the way through) without cutting to the edge. It needs to be big enough for you to fit.

5. Feed the condoms through the hole in one of the sponges.

6. Fit the sponge into the top of the tube with the cut tip outwards.

7. Carefully fold the condoms over the end of the tube. Make sure that the sponge is protruding from the tube to help protect the condoms. Fix the condoms in place with good quality duct tape.

8. Cut the bottom of the tube off with a can opener – this is just so you can see what you are doing for the next stage.

9. Cut the tube in half – this is so that the condoms are able to fit all the way to the bottom without being overstretched and damaged.

10. Use duct tape to cover the cut surface – this will help to protect the condoms.

11. Pull the condoms up through the tube, pass them through the second sponge half and wrap them over the tube end as you did on the other side. Seal with tape.

You now have  a sealed hole running through the Pringles tube. OK in this photo I have torn it so it is not completely sealed, but it was good enough for what I wanted at the time. It is now ready use and will give you good satisfaction. However, you can alter the texture by adding materials between the tube and the contact surface. You can use warm water, powders such as oats or corn flour. In this example I will use rice because I saw it mentioned on another site.

Simply pour the rice in to approximately 1/3 of the available volume before you add the second sponge and seal it. In this picture I was pouring it in by pulling back the sponge (that’s how I tore the condoms).

Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for different materials.

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29 thoughts on “Full build instructions – Tunnel of Love

  1. Try memory foam in the tube with slit cut in it to accommodate you. Leave at little sticking out the insertion end and insert a glove into slit halfway. Then just stretch the glove over the rim of the can and secure tightly with a rubber band lube it up and go to town. Place a heavy pillow or 2 over it and it’s hands free. I cut a memory foam leg pillow into 4 pieces and inserted into a 3-4″ diameter by 6″ long plastic tape spool after the tape was used up. The length of the leg pillow was about 5″ longer tthan the spool and it kind of grabs the towel it’s laying on and helps to keep it from sliding around on the bed. Feels better than store bought and almost as good as the real thing. Cost of a glove and lube per pop and you could use the 4 pieces of pillow over a year replacing a piece once every 3 months . the pillow can be bought for 10-12$ , spool was trash otherwise and indestructible for this use. Haven’t tried a Pringles can but it might work similarly, I like the rigidity of the spool. I don’t want to clean an AV so this works great for me just toss the glove each time. Enjoy!

  2. Does this build means the bottom side also has hole ?
    I couldn’t get clear picture with the bottom side.

      • Oh, the picture has pop-up message.
        “You now have a sealed hole running through the Pringles tube.” That sentence gave me the wrong idea of the bottom side. I thought i was doing it the wrong way.

  3. I tried to make this but it’s difficult with latex gloves :/
    Instead i used a pringles tube with 2 open ends and on each side are 2 sponges with different shapes ^^

  4. Great post, I love the way in which your mind works…we must are already cut through the same shape because I way too find myself looking arund the home and believing how I could use various things as sexual aids.

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