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I’m just a regular guy with a lifelong interest in enhancing my sexual experience. As a boy I experimented in reproducing the feeling of having sex with a real woman. As a young man I didn’t get as much of the real thing as I would have liked and now as a married man I definitely don’t. As I said, just a normal guy. I’m sure that as an old man I’ll still want that little extra that an artificial vagina can provide. Now I have some spare time on my hands I want to share the things I have learned along the way. Reminding myself about some of the techniques I have used to build artificial vagina in the past and learning about and refining new methods has been a lot of fun. I hope that you enjoy the website and have success with your builds. Please leave any comments you may have and especially any tips for others. If you do decide to go ahead and buy a commercial artificial vagina like the fleshlight or tenga please do click-through one of my links so that I get the referral commission. It will help to cover the costs of web hosting and buying in new materials (mostly latex gloves :-)). Enjoy!

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  1. Hank Chinaski had mentioned several times in his poetry, that he had a special vase which he filled with ground hamburger and raw egg – and besides that, I recall something from an old dirty magazine about raw liver – but I’ve always felt that anything meat related was just NECRO-BESTIALITY – I’ve been vagitarian for some 25yrs+ so it just ain’t happening, just as the “lamb skin” condoms are just a non-starter.

    Just sayin’ – I’m glad to see thus far you’re all about the fruits and vegetables –

    Got an inkling just now, from the depths of my own turgid imagination no doubt, that there might be something to do with fresh baked bread and specially formed dinner rolls. Am I wrong, or just ahead of my time? Hmmm……

  2. Take a piece of Pvc pipe larger than your dick length and widthwise, cut a bike inner tube about 4 inches longer than the pipe. Stretch the ends over(tape may be needed), wash the inside, lube and enjoy. Use different diameter tubes for dirrerent tightness!

  3. Hiya!
    I just ended up on this website. It is THE best website ever. You guys rock.
    hours of hilarity.

    little lulu 😉

  4. wish this site was hear when u were 12 ..can u amagine the look on moms face when cleaning under your bed LMAO SOME GOOD IDEAS. gona try 🙂

  5. i got a good one. petrolium jelly in a sandwich bag and ur couch cushions. keep one couch cushion on the couch and then place the plastic bag inbetween them, and then the other cushion… oh yea u put ur dick in the bag and then.. u got a good fuck buddy.

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