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I have been getting loads of emails from visitors to this website asking me to do a review of the Fleshlight since I say that I like it so much as a commercial AV. Obviously it is not a home build but I thought it best to keep it with the other reviews.

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I hope that it is obvious from the good content on this website that I am not geared to making loads of money from advertising. This website has been going a couple of years now and has built up great page ranking by providing solid information to people who want it. I do get a bit of money for advertising Fleshlight but I only choose to advertise them because I genuinely believe that they are the best value for money pocket pussy on the market. What I am trying to say is that I am not going to tell you bullshit. This is just a hobby for me. To keep things honest, anyone is welcome to comment below and I would welcome comments from anyone else who has tried the Fleshlight products.

Right then back to the honest review of the Fleshlight …. I absolutely friggin love it! Seriously, I have tried about half a dozen or so commercial sleeves, pocket pussy’s etc. If I am honest I am a bit of a cheapskate and have gone for the $10 – $25 products. Some of them have been ‘ok’ but just ‘ok’. I quickly tire of them or they don’t last very well. Frankly, you do get what you pay for. After many years of eyeing up the Fleshlight and holding back because of the price I finally took the plunge and bought one during a promotion. I bought the classic model called Pink Lady. It has the vagina opening (not mouth or butt, which are other options) and the standard sheath (un-textured).

Like all these things it arrives in discrete packaging … phew. Obvious, but still … phew. Oh, and I recall that the billing was nondescript so no worries there either. Anyhow,  I work from home and so I got straight in there. The first thing you notice is that it is bigger than you expect. With my builder hat on I immediately started thinking about the potential for home made ‘hands free’ options.

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It is really easy to use. Soak the inner sheath in warm water for 10 mins or so (this is optional but does go a long way to re-creating that authentic feeling of body heat). Give it a shake, put it into the case, add a few drops of water based lube and off you go.

Fleshlight use their own patented material called Superskin. This is one of the modern materials called Cyberskin and is incredibly realistic in terms of softness.  I also found the texture to be pretty authentic despite the one I bought having the smooth sheath. I have not tried the other sheaths but I imagine that they are super stimulating. They may be for you but I like to make my pleasure last. Fleshlight market some of these as ‘trainers’ so that you don’t suffer form premature ejaculation when you have the real thing. I can’t vouch for whether or not they work. Maybe someone who has tried them would like to comment below.

Personally, I found the size of the sheath tube and width flexibility to be perfect. I am of average length with a good width if that helps. Getting this right is one of the hardest challenges with home made AVs. I can tell that the sheath can accommodate a wide range of shapes and sizes without loosing its properties of firmness and associated friction.

As I discuss in the section on structure and materials having an hard outer casing is a very good idea in an AV. It helps give stability to the softer materials inside and also allows you to come up with the some ‘hands free’ options. I find that the pillow stack works perfectly (see construction tips). I notice that Fleshlight sell a shower mount to fix the Fleshlight onto a smooth surface. I am a big fan of hands free and so this may be my next purchase.

I have owned it a few months now and can comment on its durability, which is pretty good. Just the tiniest signs of wear but I do take good care of it and clean and dry it properly. To dry it you have to leave it out disassembled for quite a while to dry properly so think about that before you use it. It is not a problem for me because I sometimes use it with Mrs FeFe and she does not mind me using it on my own.

The most important lesson I learned was that you need to use the renewing powder on it every now and then or else the Superskin starts to go a bit sticky. The powder helps to keep it nice and soft (and realistic). If you buy one I would get it at the same time, along with the water based lube if you don’t already have some as this makes all the difference in my opinion.

I think that that is about it. To sum up, no one is going to mistake it for a flashlight but the design does make it pretty discrete. The feeling is incredibly realistic. Without going into too much detail, I managed to persuade Mrs Fefe to do a direct comparison and I can tell you that it’s the real deal. Ok, it can’t look you lovingly in the eyes but if you close your eyes you can hardly tell the difference. So, in deference to Mrs Fefe the Fleshlight only gets 99% and not the full 100%.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to remove all other AV advertising and only recommend the fleshlight because this website is all about the experience. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the challenge of building the perfect home made vagina but this manufactured bad boy has set the bar pretty high. If you are feeling flush and want to treat yourself then the $59.95 classic is worth every cent in my opinion. Remember this product will last a long time so the cost per pop will end up pretty low. Haven’t tried the others in the range so if anyone wants to leave feedback for other readers that would be great. Finally, don’t forget the lube. Enjoy! Mr. Fefe

How does it compare to a natural vagina?

Softness – 10/10

Texture – 9/10

Width flexibility and shape – 9/10

Friction – 9/10

Temperature – 10/10

Durability – 8/10

Ease of handing/positioning – 9/10

Authenticity score – 91%

Overall Experience score – 99%

Full build instructions for Fleshlight

15 thoughts on “Review – Fleshlight

  1. The fleshlight is great and I use it every other day, strong orgasm every adjust the cap at the bottom to get a sucking feeling.easy to clean just rinse in water. I’ve got the vaginal sleeve and the anal sleeve which is much tighter. Great product.

  2. I actually think that Fleshlights are much superior to women. I have never had a Fleshlight complain or talk back to me. I can pound my fleshlights whenever I want, and no one can really stop me. With a women, you have to get her in the mood, take her out to dinner and spend money on her. All of that is bs and since I’ve gotten a Fleshlight I’ve been free of it.

    • Take her out to dinner and spend money on her? You must be single. 😛
      But fleshlights are the best solo fuck I’ve ever had though, by far.
      I just wish I knew the recipe so I could make my own textures and orifices.

        • no dude, I don’t mean the boring human whore pussy orifices and internal texture that only they decide you can fuck.
          I mean sculpt my own pussy, like a dog or horse pussy, now that would be an awesome fleshlight. XD

  3. I bought and used one of these. The problem is the lubrication. Friction getting a 9/10 is way to high of a score. Unless you’re talking about the amount of friction, and then yeah you’ll get more than enough. Half a bottle of lube doesn’t do enough to change the feeling of rubbing up against rubber. Granted a dry vagina isn’t much better either, but then that’s probably your fault =P

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