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I messed up a bit with this one because I forgot to take a final photo of the finished stroker. Doh! I was just too excited to try it out. What you see below is the stroker’s mold that I made out of a candle. It will make more sense if you read the full build instructions.


This is a very time consuming and multi staged build. You will need patience to get it right I think. Unfortunately, I wasn’t patient enough and tried to remove the silicone stroker off the mold before it was completely dry. Once it was dry, a couple of weeks later (yes that was WEEKS folks) the finished article certainly looked the part . Texture and feel was great. I mean really great. But unfortunately the body density was all wrong. Basically, there was not enough silicone. It held together just fine and was durable enough it is just that there was not enough to create the right width flexibility and shape characteristics. It certainly showed a lot of promise and with experimentation I am sure that it could be perfected. The trouble is the cost of the silcone and the candle to create a mold. For that sort of money you could buy a decent quality commercial stroker made from silicone, rubber or even the latest cyber skin. Having now tried the Fleshlight it really is a no brainer. If you want the quality at a fair price just bite the bullet and buy one (link is to the right for a discount). However, for the ultimate AV build challenge try and get this one right. If you do you will have my full respect.

How does it compare to a natural vagina?

Softness – 10/10

Texture – 10/10

Width flexibility and shape – 4/10

Friction – 5/10

Temperature – 7/10

Durability – 7/10

Ease of handing/positioning – 5/10

Authenticity score – 68%

Overall Experience score – 53%

Full build instructions for Home made silicone stroker 

5 thoughts on “Review – Home made silicone stroker

  1. I made this out of a shaker bottle and some pourable molding silicone. It set in six hours.

    What I did wrong though was I made my wax mold a little too big.

    What I did right was I made a joke from the tip of the cavity to the bottom of the shaker bottle to create a suction valve.

    I also when I made the wac mold was sure to make a much smaller ring around the bottom of the wax penis which has created a very nice sphincter feeling muscle and only amplifies the suction.

    Next time I need to better estimate my girth.

  2. Softness 10/10?! Really?
    The dude who wrote this review must’ve been fucking rocks before he discovered this site. :/

  3. Ive made one of these devices at home and it was a waste of time really :/ bought some clear-ish silicone and stank out the house with little end result. Left for a whole month to dry but unfortunately ripped and tore even though it was pretty thick. Think I’ll stick to my variation of Pringles 🙂

  4. Silicone strokes-ahoy! LOVE this idea, although I don’t agree with the overall score. The edges are a bit rough which makes red hot piping about 35% more difficult. Alas, I can perform a full “spray-n-pray” after coitus with the wonderful silicone-stroker!

  5. With RTV silicone (red or blue) – you can get better ‘drying’ in thick layers, by first spreading it out onto smooth plastic with a disposable putty knife. Exposing as much of the silicone to oxygen as possible.

    I’ve never made this with silicone, but I’ve had reason to lay it on that thick and this was my solution to achieve 36hr drying times even at 2-3cm density.

    Happy fappy!

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