What is an artificial vagina?

An artificial vagina (AV) is a sex toy for erotic stimulation that attempts to duplicate some or all of the characteristics of the natural vagina (the female sexual organ). It could therefore be a device that falls anywhere on a wide spectrum from a dollop of petroleum jelly in the palm of your hand to the most complex, lifelike and expensive manufactured artificial vagina you can find for sale (like these Cyberskin artificial vagina below).







They go by many names including: artificial pussy, pocket pussy, DIY Pussy, fake vagina, homemade pussy, male sex toy, fefe, fifi, masturbator … and lots of others.

Characteristics of a vagina to consider in your build

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6 thoughts on “What is an artificial vagina?

  1. I’ve tried a few. Not really much to say except they were likely designed with circumcised men in mind. Seem to tear pretty easily, and sucks all the natural lubrication off me. :( Maybe I just need to take better care of them than rinsing and towelling them dry before storage. My blanket’s served me faithfully for about 20 years though.

    • haha, but in my opinion you need it when you are 50 +, when your wife does not like it and others think you are unabkle to do it.

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